Lock the Gate president in court next Wednesday

Published: December 01, 2011

President of the Lock the Gate Alliance, Drew Hutton, will appear in the Dalby Magistrates Court next Wednesday charged with obstructing a coal seam gas company.

The court case is set down for the 7th and 8th December in the Dalby Magistrates Court, corner Drayton and Cunningham Streets. Media are invited to attend for the midday press conference and rally on Wednesday 7th.

When: 12 noon, Wednesday 7th December (court case starts at 9 a.m.)
Where: Magistrates Court, cnr Drayton and Cunningham Streets, Dalby (Qld).

Mr Hutton is charged under section 805 of the Queensland Petroleum and Gas Act for obstructing a coal seam gas company without reasonable excuse. Mr Hutton will be arguing he had a reasonable excuse.

Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown, and Greens Senator Larissa Waters will be attending as will the leader of Katter's Australian Party, Bob Katter, and KAP Queensland leader, Aidan McLindon.

It is also expected that a large crowd of farmers will be attending and a rally will be held in a nearby park.

Mr Hutton said a judgement in his favour could set a precedent for giving landowners greater equality in their relations with mining companies.


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