Lock the Gate president to attend Doubtful Creek Blockade

Published: February 07, 2013

The president of the Lock the Gate Alliance, Drew Hutton, will be attending the blockade of coal seam gas company, Metgasco, today (Thursday) at Doubtful Creek near Kyogle.

Organisers are expecting perhaps as many as 200 blockaders to be at the site.

Mr Hutton said the Lock the Gate movement was committed to stopping Metgasco from establishing a foothold in the Northern Rivers and would continue to mount blockades whenever the company attempted to enter a new drill site.

Mr Hutton also criticised the NSW police tactics.

"The NSW Police have obviously been given orders to crush the opposition to coal seam gas judging by the too-hasty arrests of three people at the Doubtful Creek blockade," Mr Hutton said.

"Nevertheless, we will continue our peaceful but determined resistance."

It is expected that Metgasco will be moving its drill rig from Glenugie to Doubtful Creek today.

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