Lock the Gate welcomes AGL news of less CSG in Queensland

Published: February 04, 2016

Lock the Gate Alliance welcomes this morning's news that AGL is scaling down its coal seam gas assets in the Central Queensland towns of Moranbah and Spring Gully.

AGL announcement here: http://bit.ly/1PilRtv

The company announced that it would write off and sell its CSG assets in the towns “primarily due to the fall in long-term Queensland price forecasts.”  

Lock the Gate National Coordinator, Phil Laird said the Queensland and federal governments should not only heed the markets that are saying CSG is unviable, they should listen to the farmers and communities impacted by the industry.

“The State Government has inflicted CSG on Queensland before it has put in place important checks and balances to ensure that there are no damages to our farmland, water and communities. Instead another 6100 wells have just been approved.” Mr Laird said.

“The people of the Western Downs in particular are suffering horrendous consequences from the invasive CSG industry. The Queensland government should join with AGL and put a stop to it now.”

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