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Lock the Gate welcomes renewed political focus on coal seam gas

The Lock the Gate Alliance has welcomed the introduction by NSW Labor of a new bill to create a moratorium on unconventional gas mining and permanent 'no go' zones in key areas.

Lock the Gate spokesperson Phil Laird has urged all political parties to work together for stronger protection for land, water and communities.

The state’s political leaders had received  a clear mandate at the State election to press pause on this dangerous industry, he said.

“We welcome renewed political attention to coal seam gas, and Labor’s introduction of laws to prevent further expansion of the coal seam gas industry,” Mr Laird said.

“The risks to our prime agricultural land, water resources and communities are just too great.

“The State election was a referendum on coal seam gas in the Northern Rivers, and there is no mistaking the result.

“The people don’t want it, and in a democracy, that should count for something: if the law is not capable of protecting the public, then the law must be revised.

“Until there is clear scientific proof that unconventional gas will not damage aquifers and groundwater systems, NSW should place a halt on the industry.

“We encourage all political parties that have expressed concern about this industry to work together to secure protections for communities facing coal seam gas development, along with a process to begin broader, state wide mining reform,” he said.

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