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Lock the Gate welcomes Victorian anti-fracking announcement

Community group Lock the Gate has today welcomed Victorian Labor’s announcement it will enshrine anti-fracking legislation in the state’s constitution if the party is re-elected.


Lock the Gate spokeswoman Carmel Flint said Victoria had the strictest laws in the country prohibiting unconventional gas mining.

“We want to congratulate the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, for putting farming and food production above unconventional gas," she said.

“He has shown national leadership on this issue by standing by farmers and listening to communities across the state who are overwhelmingly opposed to this risky practice.

“We are now calling on the state’s Opposition to follow this move and match the commitment to enshrine anti-fracking laws in the constitution.

“Unless such a commitment is made, the community can have no confidence that the unconventional gas ban will continue into the future."

Ms Flint said called on other state governments to follow the Victorian example.

“The Victorian Labor Government has led the way on this issue, and we’re calling on other state governments to follow that lead," she said.

“Unconventional gasfields not only damage underground water sources and disrupt farming operations, but are a major contributor to climate change due to methane emissions from leaking wells and pipelines."

“That is not something any state government should be signing up for at this point."


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