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Lock Your Gate to Coal and Gas

Join landholders all over the nation by locking your gate to unconventional gas extraction and coal mining. 

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A sign on your gate clearly shows that you do not give permission for gas and mining companies to enter your property. 

Although mining companies have been given an elevated position under the law in most states of Australia, you still have considerable rights. If a mining company comes knocking on your door, we suggest that you say:

  • GO AWAY and communicate with us by mail
  • ACCESS IS PROHIBITED unless we have signed an access agreement

It is then advisable to:

  • Put a LOCK THE GATE sign on your fence
  • REFUSE to keep anything confidential
  • ENSURE your neighbours KNOW about the threat
  • NOT SIGN ANYTHING without legal advice

The best thing you can do to defend your property is to join with your neighbours and refuse to co-operate. You might also like to get in touch with your nearest local group to get more involved in the campaign in your region. If there is no group nearby, you could use our 'Tips to Get Active' to start a new group to protect your local area.