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Calls to make fracking inquiry report public as it is handed to government

Lock the Gate Alliance has called for the final report of the WA Fracking Inquiry to be released to the public without delay.

The inquiry’s report was handed to the government today.

A spokesperson for Lock the Gate in WA Jane Hammond said the issue of fracking was of major public interest.

“The findings of the fracking inquiry should be open to debate and public discussion prior to any decision being made by the State Government on lifting the current fracking moratorium covering much of the state,” Ms Hammond said.


“The current moratorium is not due to expire until June 2020 so let’s see the report and have a full and open public debate on this issue.

“A similar fracking inquiry report in the NT was released publicly when it went to government. In WA the process has been, and continues to be, shrouded in secrecy.

“Across WA more than 20 communities have already declared their region’s off limits to the fracking industry through Gasfield Free community declarations and many more are underway.

“The community clearly does not want or need fracking in WA. Neither can we afford to have this polluting, water guzzling, high green-house gas emitting industry in our state.

“Countries, states and territories around the world have banned fracking and thousands of West Australians are calling on the WA Government to follow this lead.”

Ms Hammond said the fracking inquiry’s terms of reference were limited and did not directly canvas the option of not giving fracking the go-ahead.

“We were off to a poor start with this inquiry due to its limited terms of reference and its limited consultation with the public. It is now time to open this process up and have a full and comprehensive community debate on the costs and benefits of this technology.”

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