MEDIA ALERT: Clean Air Qld to host coal dust community BBQ event in Brisbane

Published: May 08, 2015

Clean Air Queensland (CAQ) will host a community BBQ on the Wynnum foreshore tomorrow to highlight the issue of toxic coal dust in homes, schools and workplaces.

Wynnum residents are living with coal pollution emitted from the coal stockpile at the Brisbane Port and from nine million tonnes of uncovered coal that is transported through their suburb every year by trains.

CAQ members, locals and other Queenslanders are calling for coal trains to be covered when passing through densely populated areas including 21 Brisbane suburbs, and the towns of Toowoomba and Ipswich.

Clean Air Queensland this week released a study, ‘Health Hazard in our Suburbs’ that found  coal trains passing through Wynnum were emitting up to 900% higher pollution readings than normal levels.

CAQ spokesperson, Michael Kane said that the study supported what many people in Wynnum have been saying all along: That they have coal dust in their homes and it is making some of them sick.

Coal dust has been declared a carcinogen by the World Health Organisation and there is no safe level of exposure to coal dust especially for the sick, elderly and children.

Mr Kane said that Queensland Resource Council and other mining representatives were invited to attend the event to hear first-hand how their industry is effecting residents.

What: Clean Air Queensland's Community BBQ

When: Saturday, May 9 at 1pm

Where: Wynnum Water Park, corner of The Esplanade and Charlotte Street, Wynnum

Contact: Michael Kane Ph. 0438 766 230

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