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Clive Palmer must be made to clean up Waratah Coal’s damage

The Queensland government must stand up to billionaire miner, Clive Palmer who tomorrow will try to “weasel his way out” of his corporate and environmental responsibilities, says the Lock the Gate Alliance (LTG).

LTG’s national president, Drew Hutton said Mr Palmer’s company, Waratah Coal would try in court to shirk its responsibility of rehabilitating land and protecting farmers.

In the Planning & Environment Court in Brisbane, Waratah Coal will appeal an Environment Protection Order (EPO) to force it to rehabilitate exploration holes drilled on private property in the Alpha region of Central Queensland.

Landholders have complained to the state government for years about mining exploration activities said to be affecting the quality and flows of groundwater and bores and inadequate rehabilitation on their properties.

“The appeal suggests Mr Palmer’s company has a blatant disregard for the laws that protects landholders and the environment,” Mr Hutton said. “The Queensland Government must not allow itself to be bullied by Clive Palmer. All exploration work must be rehabilitated in a timely and effective manner and landholders must be compensated for damage and inconvenience.

“The Bimblebox Nature Reserve is under threat from mining in the Galilee Basin and the government must step up and protect it and other precious land from the arrogance of Mr Palmer and other mining magnates.”

Mr Hutton said the Queensland Government had repeatedly over the decades failed to hold mining companies to account for their damage.

The maximum penalty for a corporation failing to comply with the EPO is $1.1 million.


WHO:      Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal mining company

WHAT:     The Appeal of an Environmental Protection Order

WHERE:   Planning & Environment Court, 415 George Street, Brisbane
WHEN:     9.30am: Friday, March 14



Drew Hutton, National President Lock the Gate Alliance Ph: 0428 487 110

Ellie Smith, Central Qld Coordinator LTG Ph: 0448 335 452

Kate Dennehy, Qld Campaign Coordinator LTG Ph: 0419 432 624


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