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Melissa Price Caves to Adani Pressure and Rubber Stamps Risky Water Plan

Lock the Gate Alliance says the Federal Government has thrown Central Queenslanders under a bus, and put scarce water resources at risk, following news they have rushed through approval for Adani’s final water management plan.

LTGA spokesperson Carmel Flint said, “This rushed decision just prior to the election is one of the most compromised environmental approvals this country has ever seen.

“The Prime Minister and the Environment Minister have caved in to pressure from Adani and their political backers in the Liberal National Party, and sold Queenslanders down the river.

“There has been blatant political interference in relation to this issue over the last week, with LNP threats against the Environment Minister and hurried meetings between the Adani CEO with the Prime Minister.

“We need a national corruption body and an urgent investigation into how this deeply flawed approval was granted.

“The Adani mine puts at risk 187 unique Great Artesian Basin spring wetlands which are vital to graziers and wildlife in Central Queensland.

“Independent water experts have identified glaring failures with the water plan and Adani have still not done the research recommended by Great Artesian Basin spring experts in 2016.

“Minister Price’s own department also released new research late last year which showed that there was likely to be much greater losses of groundwater due to mining in the Galilee Basin than predicted by Adani."

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  • Sue Inness
    commented 2019-04-11 13:37:33 +1000
    Voters, please have a look at the Sustainable Australia Party, they offer a true alternative to Libs, Nats & Lab.
  • Sharon Needham
    commented 2019-04-09 13:16:51 +1000
    There goes the Liberals from Government. Stupid move! Time for One Nation or the Independants to govern