Mining Industry out of touch with community attitudes

Published: August 05, 2015

Lock the Gate says that the latest statements from the Mining Industry (SMH 4.8.2015, “Public weighs in on mining laws”) has belled the cat on planning approvals over the last couple of decades.

“What we have seen over the last decade or two is a Planning regime that has bent over backward for mining in NSW” said National Coordinator Phil Laird.

“The icing on the cake came when the "economic significance of the resource" became the prime consideration in decision making. Imposed by  Minister Hartcher at the behest of the mining industry itself.

 “Now a sensible step to restore balance to planning determinations by removing blatant bias is being actively opposed by the companies and their lobby group.

“It is absolutely extraordinary that the mining industry is arguing against balanced decision-making and instead demanding a special deal that puts them above people and the environment.

“Now the miner’s are screaming blue murder when their lollies are taken away and the government and community should steel itself against their temper tantrums.

 “There is no support in the community for the contention that mining interests should trump everything else and we fully support Minister Stokes in this policy”


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