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Mining Ministers “Tara” moment at Gloucester

Media Release 6.8.2014

Mining and Energy Minister Anthony Roberts has announced the renewal of PEL 285 at Gloucester late today. The announcement confirms the use of drilling and fracking by AGL within 2 kms of residents homes after the State Environment Planning Policy was changed to do so.

Lock the Gate spokesperson Phil Laird said that “The new laws were designed specifically for Gloucester project in order to bypass the need for a full EIS and they took no time in giving the company the go ahead.”

“Recent buyouts of residents in the Tara Residential Estates show that CSG and people do not mix and the change of law to facilitate CSG production so near the township of Gloucester is abominable.”

“This is Anthony Roberts ‘Tara’ moment when he crossed the line to favour frackers over ordinary people.”

“On a day when ICAC is casting a light on the corrupt mining and planning processes in NSW with more yet to be uncovered, we have a deal that fast tracks another resource project to the detriment of the local community of Gloucester”.

“As a result of this approval from the unelected body, the Office of CSG, the communities merits appeal rights to challenge the project are extinguished, something that ICAC expressly recommended to be retained.”

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