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Minister Frydenberg Fails First Test to Give Farmers Veto Over CSG

Minister Josh Frydenberg has failed to match words with action, neglecting to put the rights of landholders on the agenda at the COAG Energy Ministers meeting today.

The Minister said in October that he would meet with state leaders to break the impasse on coal seam gas. 

But a weak and oblique mention of a 'consultation' framework falls far short of what farmers, traditional owners and landholders expected or deserved, according to Lock the Gate spokesperson, Phil Laird.

“Lock the Gate Alliance is shocked that the upsurge of calls from across the country to give landholders and Traditional Owners the right to refuse access to mining companies has fallen on deaf ears at the COAG Energy Council meeting today, which has instead released a ‘Gas Supply Strategy’,” he said.

“This piss weak response to community concerns leaves no alternative for landholders than to lock their gate.

“Australia has a fundamental problem when Federal and state ministers pander to the interests of mining companies and ignore the people that are affected by mining and its bullying ways.

“Landholders and Traditional Owners around the country are calling for the right to say ‘no’ to mining and unconventional gas on their land. 

“We know that communities are under severe distress and the unreasonable power and bullying activity of mining companies is causing conflict. We know that 81% of Australians support the right to say ‘no’. 

“These Ministers believe they can wash their hands of the human impact of mining, but Ministers and their mining company companions are not immune from the conflict and trouble that is caused by unjust laws. This missed opportunity will trouble them at the next election and for years to come,” Mr Laird said. 

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  • Anthony Difulvio
    commented 2015-12-06 17:37:57 +1100
    With our corporate government at the moment It doesnt matter who is elected or not, both major parties have been pandering to the mining corporations for years and undermining the constitutional rights of land holders and traditional owners with illegal and treasonous laws and will continue to do so, no matter how we vote. The last time the government was sacked was in 1975 and its high time it was done again.