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Minns Government approves second coal project, making climate targets harder to meet

The NSW Minns Government has approved its second coal project, making it harder to meet legislated emissions reduction targets.

Glencore’s Glendell Mine Modification 5 was approved today, granting the company permission to mine an additional 1.8 million tonnes of coal over the next two years. 

It comes six months after the government approved Idemitsu’s Boggabri coal mine modification 8.

The Glendell extension will lead to the creation of an additional 1.6 million tonnes of greenhouse pollution, including 45,773 tonnes of direct emissions, which is equivalent to the pollution from about 10,000 extra cars on the road.

Glencore proposed modification 5 after the Independent Planning Commission rejected its much larger planned expansion because it would have had an unacceptable impact on the heritage values of the Ravensworth Homestead.

The NSW Government was expected to determine whether or not the Ravensworth Complex would receive heritage listing six months ago (pg 21), however a decision has not yet been made.

Lock the Gate Alliance NSW Coordinator Nic Clyde said, “The Minns Government seems able to approve new coal projects promptly but struggles with making timely decisions about the heritage listing of the Ravensworth Homestead complex.

“The NSW Heritage Council recommended the Ravensworth Complex for listing on the NSW Heritage Register six months ago, but we’re still waiting for a decision.

“This government needs to get its priorities in order. The preservation of NSW’s shared First Nations and colonial history is much more important than allowing a mining giant like Glencore to continue digging up planet-heating coal.

“Ravensworth Homestead and surrounds, which are within the mining complex area, must be restored, preserved, and opened up to the community.

“Instead of allowing coal companies to increase production incrementally, the Minns Government ought to enforce the implementation of strict mine closure plans so communities are not left in the lurch and Ravensworth can be made accessible to all.”


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