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Moolarben coal complex “OC3” extension

Proponent: Yancoal

Timeline: 10 year extension to 2034 

Total coal: 40 million tonnes

Total lifecycle emissions: 87 million tonnes

This project will clear 624 hectares of native vegetation, most of it the critically endangered Box Gum woodland, and destroy a beautiful valley surrounded on three sides by Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve.

The NSW environment agency has highlighted the threat the expansion poses to a “climate-robust” koala population in the valley, which “has survived recent and historical temperature increases, drought and bushfires successfully” and agreed that the koala habitat present could be “critical to the survival” of the species. 

The agency has also said there is a real possibility the project would significantly contribute to four animal species becoming extinct in NSW – specifically the Regent Honeyeater, Broad-headed Snake, Large-eared Pied Bat and Eastern Cave Bat

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Species at risk:


Regent Honeyeater

Broad-headed Snake

Large-eared Pied Bat

Eastern Cave Bat