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Morrison Govt approved delays for Adani’s threatened species habitat offset requirements

Lock the Gate Alliance has slammed the Morrison Government for approving a delay of several years before Adani needs to “legally secure” land that would act as an offset for a host of endangered and threatened animals and plants.

Adani applied to extend the deadline for it to secure offset habitat for animals like the southern black throated finch, ornamental snake, yakka skink, and squatter pigeon by a year at the mine site, while also requesting a new five year deadline to secure offsets for its railway.

An EPBC notice issued yesterday shows the Federal Agriculture, Water, and Environment Department approved the delay to the original timeframe.

Lock the Gate Alliance Queensland spokesperson Ellie Smith said the offset delay would place further pressure on species already under serious threat.

“It is totally outrageous for Adani to be given an extension to secure land for these endangered and threatened species while it begins ripping apart their habitat at its Carmichael mine site,” she said.

“Offset strategies are often ineffective ways to mitigate damage done by large mining projects to begin with.

“In fact we know part of Adani’s offset area was originally slated for a mining lease area covered by another Galilee Basin mega-mine.

“This delay will just increase the odds that any habitat secured by Adani as a so-called offset will do little to protect these at risk species into the future.

“Adani has a long track record of totally disregarding the environment, including unlawful action, so it’s no surprise it is doing what it can to erode the limited environmental conditions imposed on its Carmichael coal mine.”

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