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Let's door-knock Muswellbrook!


2016 will be an important and challenging year in the Hunter, as we grapple with the continuing decline of the coal industry, and ask what kind of future our region will have in a world that's quitting coal.

Muswellbrook is one Hunter community at the front-line of the coal debate. Already struggling with the cumulative impact of several of the largest open-cut coal mines in the Hunter, Muswellbrook is also a targeted growth area for future coal expansions.

We want to talk to the residents of Muswellbrook about coal and it's future in our region, and find out what they think.  On the first weekend in March, teams of volunteers - young and old, veterans and first-timers, will survey the town's residents with a few simple questions about coal.

Will you join us? Don't worry if you're not an expert on coal mining - you don't need to be. Our survey is pre-prepared, quick and easy, and non-confrontational. It'll be a great weekend with great people, a wonderful way to get involved in the Hunter coal campaign and make positive change in our region. And we'll be camping out somewhere nice on Friday and Saturday nights, too.

Here's an outline of our plan (you can come to some of it, or the whole lot):

  • Friday evening, 4th March: Meeting and socialising at our camp ground near Muswellbrook.
  • Saturday morning, 5th March: briefing and training session. We'll go through the plan, split up into teams, have a few practice runs, and get ready to hit the streets.
  • The rest of Saturday: Door-knocking!
  • Saturday night: Dinner and festivities at camp.
  • Sunday morning first thing: Another briefing and training session.
  • Sunday, til lunch time: More door-knocking!

Please register your interest below. We'll be in touch soon with more information.

March 04, 2016 a las 6pm
hasta March 06, 2016 at 11:00am a las 11am
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Will you come?