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My Territory home is no place for fracking: Famous musician condemns gas grab

World renowned musician Neil Murray of Warumpi Band fame has condemned fracking in the Northern Territory, and will play a live-streamed gig on the Don’t Frack the Territory Facebook page at the end of the month.

The Warumpi Band songs ‘My Island Home’ and ‘Blackfella, Whitefella’, are also now in the running to be named the best NT songs of all time, with the winner to be announced on ABC Radio this Territory Day.

Mr Murray, who spent more than a decade of his life living in the NT, said fracking posed an unacceptable threat to Territory groundwater, environments, and communities.

“Gas fracking company Origin Energy has contaminated water near Miles in Queensland, and places like Virginia in the US have experienced water contamination from shale gas operations over there,” he said.

“People also need to realise the shale gas industry is a major source of greenhouse gas pollution.

“Let’s be clear, the government’s own fracking inquiry found NT communities are overwhelmingly opposed to fracking. We all need to tell governments and gas companies that fracking is not welcome in the Territory - or indeed anywhere.

“The Morrison Government’s argument that we need to ramp up the gas industry for a post Covid economic recovery doesn’t wash, when renewables are expanding everywhere across the world, are cheaper than fossil fuels and most importantly don’t emit greenhouse gases. 

"To my mind, the Territory’s greatest asset is its unspoiled natural environment.  Let’s keep it that way.”

Mr Murray's announcement comes after polling this week revealed an incredible 86 per cent of Territorians opposed fracking.

Mr Murray has also launched a fundraising campaign, with proceeds going to the campaign to stop dangerous and dirty fracking in the Northern Territory and also to support Australian musicians during the difficult coronavirus period for artists.

His live-streamed performance will be held via the Don’t Frack the Territory Facebook Page on June 28 from 15:30-16:30, NT time.

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