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New analysis shows how getting off gas can save NSW millions, create jobs, reduce pollution

Lock the Gate Alliance has launched a new interactive electorate-by-electorate analysis revealing the millions that could be saved each year if households are supported to switch from gas to electricity.

Electrifying Your Electorate: Savings and Jobs Benefits in NSW, prepared by Tom Quinn from Springmount Advisory, shows upgrading appliances including hot water systems, cooking appliances, and heating would deliver energy cost savings of up to $900 per household.

At a state level, those savings would total about $1 billion each year. The electorates that stand to save the most each year include Heffron with $21.8 million, Sydney, with $20.8, and Parramatta with $17.4 million per year.

The analysis also finds energy upgrades would avoid the release of about 1.5 million tonnes CO2e of greenhouse gas pollution each year. 

The significant task of upgrading energy systems would create approximately 3,500 new jobs over ten years, and that figure increases by 2,970 manufacturing jobs if electric heat pumps were made in NSW.  

Analysis author Tom Quinn, of Springmount Advisory, said, “NSW risks being left behind as Victoria and the ACT lead the push to an all-electric future. Electrifying homes in NSW will save households money, create jobs, revitalise local manufacturing, and it’s good for the climate.”

Brad Pidgeon, Acting State State Secretary (NSW), Australia Manufacturing Workers Union, said, “There is already a commitment to upgrade gas appliances within social and affordable housing in NSW, to high-performing electric ones. Procuring locally-made appliances would send a clear signal that this government cares about local manufacturing jobs and is willing to invest in them.”

Public Interest Advocacy Centre program director Douglas McCloskey said, “Duel fuel households are paying twice for the energy they need. Electrifying saves on fixed costs, saves through more efficient appliances, and saves through ability to benefit from excess solar. Efficient electric upgrades are an opportunity to make a real difference to energy affordability for people who need it most.”

Independent MP Michael Regan said, “The cost of gas as an energy source has risen by 244 percent in the past ten years. In my electorate there is a saving potential of $11.9M each year to residents as well as a whole lot of trades jobs created in the process. I’d be doing my community a disservice if I didn’t pay careful attention to that.” 

Chief executive of Dux Hot Water, which specialises in solar and heat pump water heaters, Simon Terry, said, “Dux employs around 200 people at our Moss Vale factory in regional NSW. Around 128,000 heat pumps were sold in Australia in 2023. Less than 10,000 were Australian made heat pumps sold by Dux, Rheem and Rinnai. 

“The future is electric and Australian manufacturers have invested and are ready, willing and able to supply quality heat pumps. Government policy settings are well intentioned but creating dire outcomes for local manufacturers. We’re ready, and we hope the Minns Government is too.”

Lock the Gate Alliance spokesperson Jess Miller said, “Switching from gas to electricity would save NSW households hundreds of dollars, it would reduce millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution over the next decade, and it would create thousands of jobs. What’s not to like?

“What’s needed now is stronger political support. The NSW Government needs to wholly embrace upgrading energy systems by helping households make the switch from gas to electricity with a clear strategy.”


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