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New Chief, same fracking furphies

A Northern Territory community group says the NT Government has taken greenwashing to the next level since Eva Lawler was sworn in as Chief Minister, following the release of an Orwellian joint press statement with Tamboran chief executive Joel Riddle.

“We’ve known for a long time now that the Territory Government is strangely beholden to gas industry interests, yet it seems it has recently reached a new level of state capture,” said Central Australian Frack Free Alliance spokesperson Hannah Ekin.

“It’s very worrying to see the Chief Minister issue a joint press release with a gas company supporting its fracking plans when her government is right now supposed to be impartially assessing whether that gas project should be approved

“The reality is that gas is a dirty and polluting fossil fuel that is driving the climate crisis, and pursuing gas will set back the urgent shift to renewables that is needed now. Gas is not clean and never will be, and no amount of greenwashing will change that.

“Gas is also a far more expensive energy source than renewables, and by botching the renewables roll out and backing in gas the Lawler Government is costing Territorians dearly, escalating the cost of living.

“It’s also a surprise to see Tamboran Resources claiming it will make a final investment decision by June this year when the company is yet to refer its project to the Federal Environment Minister to have its impacts assessed as part of the water trigger.

“Finally, it’s very difficult to reconcile the blind support for gas from the Lawler Government given the International Energy Agency says no new fossil fuel projects, including gas, should be built anywhere in the world if humanity is to maintain a safe climate. 

“The Northern Territory is particularly at risk of climate catastrophes exacerbated by the burning of fossil fuels and the Territory Government is abandoning its people to severe outcomes by pursuing gas at all costs. 

Research shows huge swathes of the Territory are on track to become unlivable due to extreme heat if dramatic action to tackle out of control climate change is not taken. That means governments shouldn’t approve new fracking projects.”


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