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New report confirms worst fears on fracking and health, prompts calls for fracking ban

The latest compilation of research into the health effects of fracking and unconventional gas reveals a growing
body of evidence is confirming fracking and unconventional gas are a major health risk and regulation has been
ineffectual in preventing harm. Concerned Health Professionals of New York and Physicians for Social
Responsibility released their fourth compendium late last week, summarising the most recent research into
the health effects of fracking and unconventional gas.

The report reveals that people living near fracking and unconventional gasfields in the United States are
experiencing a range of a range of health problems including asthma, migraine headaches, chronic nasal and sinus
symptoms, rashes and fatigue. Research indicates increased risk of pre-term births and perhaps even childhood

According to the report, regulation has not been able to prevent health impacts associated with air pollution and
drinking water contamination as a result of unconventional gas has now been confirmed.

Lock the Gate Alliance national coordinator Phil Laird said, “With every year that passes, we learn more
about health damage being inflicted on communities by the great unconventional gas fracking gamble. Australia
should never have experimented with this technology without knowing the risks.

“The more we learn, the more pressing the case to stop before it’s too late. In Western Australia, the Northern
Territory, South Australia and rural New South Wales, we have the chance to stop this harm before it happens. In
Queensland and western Sydney, all proposals to further expand this dangerous industry must be halted, and
urgent assistance provided to families living amongst the toxic fumes of unconventional gas wells.

“Now that the evidence is accumulating that this industry is highly risky and harmful, we need to ban fracking
nation-wide and we need a moratorium on all forms of unconventional gas.”

The Concerned Health Professionals of New York & Physicians for Social Responsibility fourth Compendium of
scientific, medical, and media findings demonstrating risks and harms of fracking is available

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