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New Report highlights how to take the foot off the gas

A new report has shown how Victorians can reduce gas consumption by more than half in a decade, and transition towards renewable energy.

The Environment Victoria reportVictorian Gas Market Demand Side Measures to Avoid Forecast Supply Shortfall, which Lock the Gate Alliance contributed to, outlines a pathway to move on from polluting gas. 

The report demonstrates that in the next ten years, gas supplies in Victoria will decline, but if the Victorian government makes changes now there is time to shift to clean energy sources. 

It comes at a time when the Morrison Government and State Governments are flagging their intentions to use polluting gas as a poorly thought out tool to recover from the coronavirus economic downturn.

Lock the Gate Renewables not Gas Campaigner Freja Leonard said although the report was focused on Victoria, it had implications for the entire country.

“If we get off gas for really easy things like household appliances, we side-step the need for additional gas supplies,” she said.

“And if we can help big industrial users to replace their gas boilers etc with renewable options that now exist, demand for expensive, unstable and polluting gas starts to really drop away.

“Transitioning Victorian homes away from gas would have a massive impact on our greenhouse gas emissions, as households are responsible for almost half of the state’s gas consumption.

“It would also significantly reduce the demand for polluting gasfields, that rip apart communities, destroy agricultural land, and contaminate water systems.

“We have a perfect opportunity right now to shift jobs and homes away from the volatile gas industry and towards renewable energy. It’s economically sensible and better for the environment, as well as individual households. 

“The federal government’s gas fired recovery is simply a wish list from a struggling industry and ultimately it’s a death wish for the environment and the economy.

“We are hurtling towards climate catastrophe and Morrison’s gas push for his mates couldn’t come at a worse time. This report demonstrates a balanced, responsible approach to powering our economy is as easy as it is essential.”

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