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Newman’s greentape amendments will be sickening

The Lock the Gate Alliance says the Newman government’s Greentape Reduction Bill, which will see major amendments to the Environment Protection Act, could have dire consequences for Queenslanders’ health.

“Dismantling legislation to streamline approvals for mining and gas developments will almost inevitably lead to the degradation of our soil and water resources and air quality,” said Lock the Gate spokesperson Sarah Moles.

“Healthy environments make healthy people. Unhealthy ones make people ill. 

“We are already seeing serious health impacts linked to resource industry developments,” Ms Moles said.

Ms Moles pointed to the rashes and infections affecting users of Gladstone harbour, illnesses suffered by families in the Tara residential estate and respiratory problems among Jondaryan residents as examples of how inadequate regulations have failed to protect community health.

“If the Greentape Reduction Bill passes through Parliament, many more people will be exposed to polluted water, coal dust and the noxious fumes associated with coal seam gas developments. 

“The Newman government seems determined to fail in its duty of care to protect Queenslanders’ health.

“This is very short-sighted thinking. Over time, we are likely to see an increase in chronic illnesses in Queensland.. It will have a massive impact on Queensland’s health system,” Ms Moles concluded.

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