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Nine arrested in a dramatic about face from Arrow Energy

"Two days ago Arrow Energy appeared to be listening to community concerns and pulled their recently installed drill rig out of Nindooinbah Estate Road, Kerry in the Scenic Rim area of Queensland. Community campaigners had been asking for a water study to be completed before any drilling commenced," Jacinta Green, Vice President of Lock the Gate Alliance said.

"Yesterday afternoon Arrow Energy moved the drill rig back into location. This morning workers from Arrow Energy turned up and then left the site. Campaigners were then surprised to see them return escorted by the Queensland police," Green said.

Local resident Sally Undery said, "Arrow had indicated that they would consider taking part in a community research and testing program and a meeting to start planning was scheduled for January 31. I for one am extremely disappointed that they don't appear to be taking any of it seriously and have started drilling before a plan can even be made."

Innes Larkin, spokesperson for Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic said, "Early this morning we were peacefully blockading in picnic chairs, now nine people have been arrested and taken to Beaudesert Police station, they have been charged and are due in court on the 1st of February."

The blockade continues.

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