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Northern Rivers locals won’t be drowned out this #climateelection

Northern Rivers residents wearing snorkels and scuba gear have gathered in Lismore to make a splash about the climate crisis ahead of this weekend’s election.

The demonstrators met at the large boat in Woodlark Street to symbolise their ability to stay afloat and keep on sailing even after the devastating floods that ripped through the region in 2017.

Long term North Lismore resident Vicki Findlay said she wanted to send a message to whoever won the election that it was high time the Federal Government did more to address climate change.

“We know extreme weather like that which caused the 2017 floods will become more common as climate change takes hold, which is why we need genuine action now from our elected leaders,” she said.

“Up until now we have seen politicians mostly bury their heads in the sand as droughts have intensified, flooding events have worsened, and unprecedented bushfires have raged in regions they never did before.

“For the sake of younger generations, we must take action now and limit global warming as much as possible. We also need greater attention on adapting to extreme weather events.”

Rally organiser Maddy Braddon said, “The costs from extreme weather and climate change are falling on our communities while the big companies fuelling climate change, the coal and gas mining giants, are making mega profits and sending them offshore.”

“We demand the next government, and in particular whoever the Member for Page is after the election, take the climate crisis seriously and assist communities like those in the Northern Rivers weather its impacts.”

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