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Nothern NSW National Party Representatives Still Missing in Action on Coal Seam Gas

According to Lock the Gate Northern Rivers, the new CSG exclusion zones announced today by Premier O’Farrell completely ignore the needs and concerns of rural residents and established industries in the Northern Rivers.  

In his press release on the changed rules Barry O’Farrell stated: “Families in residential areas should not have to worry about their quality of life being affected by the noise, visual impacts and other effects of coal seam gas mining.” 

“Why is it that the quality of life of urban residents is deemed more important than rural residents in regions such as the Northern Rivers whose health, amenity and livelihoods are under threat from coal seam gas operations?” questioned Ian Gaillard, spokesperson for Lock the Gate Northern Rivers. 

“Similarly, if the government is prepared to protect wine and horse producers, what about the vital industries of the Northern Rivers like eco-tourism, dairy farming and sustainable agriculture that will be negatively impacted by the large scale CSG production planned for the region?” 

“It appears that the O’Farrell government has given in to demands from its members in marginal electorates in South West Sydney who have threatened to cross the floor of parliament on this issue.” 

“In the Northern Rivers where all our community surveys are showing over 90% opposition to CSG, our state representatives are showing absolutely no backbone by failing to consider crossing the floor or even opposing CSG.” 

“They are completely ignoring entire communities in the Northern Rivers who do not want their beautiful rural landscapes turned into gas fields and their quality of life and livelihoods ruined by this destructive industry,” said Mr. Gaillard. 

"Our state MPs have betrayed the people of the Northern rivers by failing to stand up to the state government over unconventional gas activities being imposed on our region."

"Several Sydney LNP local members spoke up against CSG and look what they have achieved for their communities. Our local members are simply missing in action on this issue."

“I call on National Party representatives Provost, George, Page and Gulaptis to take a stand on this issue and back their constituents in our call for our region to be declared gas field free.” 

“Our communities are asking that all exploration licenses in the region be revoked and we will continue to oppose this industry at every opportunity until this becomes a reality, " he said. 

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