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NSW Glovebox Guide For Livestock Producers at risk from Gasfield Contamination

Lock the Gate Alliance has today launched its ‘Glovebox Guide for Livestock Producers at risk from Gasfield contamination’ at AgQuip.

The Glovebox Guide provides information  for farmers concerned that they may be financially liable for any contamination from unconventional gas activities said Lock the Gate spokesperson Phil Laird

“For farmers who live near gas impacted areas selling their produce is a huge financial and reputational risk,” he said.

“This guide is an important tool to help those farmers ensure they are equipped with all the information needed to protect their land and produce from any legal risks.

“The first step for farmers is to be aware of the heightened risks associated with producing stock and crops in areas where water supplies are at risk of contamination.

“Water is an essential ingredient to a thriving farm. It’s important for farmers to know causing water pollution is unlawful unless it is licensed.

“It is a criminal offence to sell food that you know is unsafe. Our hope is that this Guide will help inform farmers of the risks and actions they need to take to safeguard themselves from gas contamination.

“It is unfortunate that this guide is needed and farmers who produce food for Australia are forced to protect themselves from an industry and government that has failed to protect them,” said Mr Laird

The Glovebox Guide can be downloaded here.

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