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NSW Poll - 84% Support CSG Ban on Farmland

A poll released by Lock the Gate Alliance today shows that 84% of respondents in NSW support a ban on coal and coal seam gas (CSG) mining on productive agricultural lands and 74% support a ban on fracking. 

The poll debunks comments made by Federal Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane this week that sought to demonise farmers and people opposed to CSG mining as 'anarchists' and 'people who have no respect for the rule of law'.

"The results from this poll show overwhelming support by the people of NSW for farmers and staunch opposition to coal and gas mining on food-producing lands" said Carmel Flint, spokesperson with Lock The Gate Alliance.

"The results show that concerns about coal and gas mining on farmland are a mainstream issue - not the preserve of 'anarchists' and 'law-breakers' as claimed by Ian Macfarlane last week.

"The NSW Government has organised yet another so-called 'Energy Security Forum' to be held in Sydney this Thursday, to provide a platform for mining giants and CSG industry stooges to push their agenda.

"However, the results of this poll suggest the people of NSW would much prefer to see the NSW Government organising a 'Food Security Forum' that considers how best to protect farmland from mining.

"Chris Hartcher and Ian Macfarlane are like the terrible twins who are trying to ram CSG down the throats of people across NSW against their wishes.

"These poll results show that an extraordinary 84% of people support a ban on coal and gas mining on productive farming land, and both state and federal governments should now act on community wishes and protect those areas" she said.

The poll of 1,100 people in New South Wales was conducted by Essential Research and commissioned by Lock The Gate Alliance.

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