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Back regional Territorians at risk and and ban fracking

Following the release of the Final Report of the NT Fracking Inquiry, Lock the Gate is calling on the NT Government to extend the moratorium on exploration fracking until at least such a time as all risks assessments and other studies have been completed and can be considered, or to take the next step and ban fracking permanently.

“The NT Fracking Inquiry has shown that there are significant risks that come with the onshore gas fracking industry and a sizable amount of work required before any exploration fracking could be considered,” said Naomi Hogan of the Lock the Gate Alliance.

“The report has also highlights strong community opposition held by the vast majority of Territorians participating in the inquiry, and almost universal concern and opposition to fracking from Aboriginal people from regional NT communities.  

“This report’s 135 recommendations and the serious information gaps identified, coupled with the increasing evidence of harm from fracking around the world, should be a wake up call to the NT Government that fracking is simply not worth the risk.

“The NT Government needs to extend the moratorium on exploration and production until all risks assessments and other studies have been completed, or take the next step and ban fracking permanently.

“First hand experience shared by the boom and bust onshore gas towns in QLD demonstrate communities were left worse off by the gas companies in the region.

“A new collection of international research into fracking released this month by Nobel Prize winning scientists shows that fracking increases the risks of cancer, birth defects and asthma. The US EPA shows fracking has contaminated drinking water.

“Many countries of the world have banned fracking in the interest of protecting their water and their existing industries.

“The gas industry’s own polling shows that Territorians living in at-risk gasfield areas want the moratorium to stay in place, to protect them from the identified impacts and risks fracking will bring.”

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