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NT must follow UK and ban fracking

Northern Territory politicians are being urged to follow the UK’s lead and put the welfare of locals before the profits of the fracking industry. 

The United Kingdom placed an unlimited moratorium on the controversial gas extraction technique after the latest in a series of fracking-linked earthquakes.

Protect Country Alliance spokesperson Graeme Sawyer said the NT Government was gambling with people’s safety by allowing the fracking industry to run rampant across the Territory.

“The UK decision to ban fracking is an example of a government truly responding to the demands of its constituents, rather than those of multinational companies. The Gunner Government would do well to follow suit,” he said.

“If unconventional gas fracking is allowed to proceed in the Territory at the rate planned, it will create an increased risk to public safety, just as the UK experienced when fracking was let loose.

“Fracking the Territory will also lead to an increased risk of surface and groundwater pollution. It will also industrialise the outback beyond recognition, totally changing the lifestyle and character of the Territory that so many love.

“If the Gunner Government is to stand a chance at being re-elected, it too should listen to its people, and re-introduce the moratorium on fracking in the public interest.”

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