Origin Energy - Time to leave its origins behind - ITK report

Published: August 02, 2021

ORG will never be, and can never be, a preferred hydrocarbon company - so, shareholders would be better served if it sold its gas interests.

In this note we argue that the window for ORG to get set for a decent medium-term future is relatively narrow. It means selling cash-generative APLNG and the prospects such as they may be in the Beetaloo, and committing to a future that a majority of investors will reward more highly than oil and gas.

What is clear is that what ORG is doing isn’t working for investors. It may be a slower death than that of AGL, but it just isn’t good enough. The strategy has been wrong for many years and the share price tells you its still a dud. There is a window in Australia where the Federal Government’s enthusiasm for gas carries part of corporate Australia with it.

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