Pastoralists support Mithaka aspirations for the Channel Country

Published: December 04, 2014

The Cooper's Creek Protection Group has lent its support to the Mithaka people in the Channel Country who are seeking UN intervention in a battle over oil and gas development in the Lake Eyre Basin.

Spokesperson Dr Bob Morrish said that like the Channel Country's traditional owners, local pastoralists had been shut out of the Western Rivers consultation process.

“Minister Andrew Cripps refused – and continues to refuse – to consult with anyone who doesn't share his views and 'development at any price' agenda.

“Conservation interests were also specifically excluded from the Western Rivers Advisory Panel process,” Dr Morrish said.

“This government is unravelling good public policy at an alarming rate. It's complete nonsense to say all stakeholders were consulted equally.

“The mining and resources sector receive very preferential treatment from the Queensland LNP – as evidenced by the raft of recent changes to legislation, almost all of which is in their favour.

“The risks to these fragile landscapes and especially the rivers and floodplains from unconventional oil and gas developments are frightening to contemplate.

“The rights of other water users, traditional owners and the long term health of the environment are apparently all expendable.”


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