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PM must make good on commitment to Tara residents

Prime Minister, Tony Abbott must make good on promises made to the representative of Tara estates resident, Debbi Orr, that his government would protect people against coal seam gas development.

Mr Abbott met with Debbi Orr on Saturday in the small western Queensland town of Tara and heard how local residents felt their health had been affected by pollution from nearby coal seam gas fields and how the Queensland State Government had ignored them.

Ms Orr's children and others on the estates have been complaining of serious health impacts for many months.

Mr Abbott promised the Federal Government would organise proper health studies of the estates, would ensure CSG activities would not occur again near residential areas and landowners would not be forced to sign access agreements with CSG companies.

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, who has worked closely with Tara residents over the last four years, said the Federal Government should go further than this.

"Because the Queensland Government allowed this massive development to go ahead in a residential estate back in the mid-2000s is no reason why these people should have to put up with this awful intrusion into their lives," Mr Hutton said.

"These residents have been fighting for over four years to keep the companies, QGC and Origin, out of their area and their lives have been turned upside down.

"Mr Abbott should pressure the companies and the State Government to buy out affected residents so they can now get on with their lives."

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