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PM gas export controls positive but attacks on state government gas mining constraints unwarranted

Lock the Gate Alliance says the move by the Prime Minister today to introduce export controls on gas companies is a good step, but attacks on state government gas mining regulations are unwarranted.

“We congratulate the Prime Minister on moving to put export controls in place. If implemented properly, they should put immediate downward pressure on gas prices in Australia and ease the impacts on Australian manufacturing,” Lock the Gate spokesperson, Carmel Flint, said.

"The problem is that the three large coal seam gas projects in Queensland were approved without any thought for Australia.

"Australians have been bearing the costs of rising gas prices, which have been caused by gas exports, while many Queenslanders are living with the harmful impacts of CSG on land and water resources.

"We support the move by the Prime Minister to stop the diversion of our domestic gas offshore.  It never should have been allowed in the first place.

"The Prime Minister is saying this measure will be temporary only and is holding on to the notion that regional Australia will let farmland and water resources be sacrificed for more invasive gasfields even though we have plentiful gas supplies already. That's not going to happen. It's a reasonable intervention to make, and it should be permanent.

"We are staunchly opposed to any move to weaken state controls on unconventional gas and would caution against any interference in state matters where governments have been elected on mandates to curtail fracking.

“Work needs to start today on a permanent solution for electricity prices and security in Australia that is delivered by investing in renewables and battery storage.

“Australia can’t afford any more damaging gas projects,” Ms Flint said.

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