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Policy Objectives

Our Policy Objectives

1. The creation of 'no-go zones' on coal and unconventional gas mining to protect productive agricultural land, national tourism icons, residential dwellings, important water sources, cultural heritage sites and sensitive natural areas.

2. Comprehensive health impact assessments and the implementation and enforcement of strict, scientifically determined and measurable standards to curtail air, water and soil pollution from coal and unconventional gas mining.

3. Far-reaching reform of legal and administrative constraints on mining to introduce the highest standards of independence, probity and transparency, to empower communities to reject projects, and to provide third party legal rights.

4. The provision of legal rights to landholders to allow them to prevent exploration and mining for coal and unconventional gas on their properties.

5. The removal of public subsidies and tax incentives currently available to coal and gas companies for mining and infrastructure development, and improved measures to ensure they pay their fair share in taxes.

6. Prevention of coal mines and unconventional gas wells, and associated infrastructure including ports, dams and pipelines, that will cause harm to important land, water and cultural resources.

7. Independent and rigorous research into greenhouse gas emissions from coal and unconventional gas mining to make sure they are properly and fully paid for.

8. A moratorium on unconventional gas mining and exploration until a rigorous research program has been completed into its impacts on human health, water resources and the environment.


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