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Public shouldn’t pay gas companies to wreck NT’s Beetaloo

Protect Country Alliance is disgusted following revelations a manufacturing taskforce advising the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission (NCCC) wants to sink public money into propping up fracking in the NT's Beetaloo basin.

PCA spokesperson Dan Robins said Territorians had made it clear they did not want their taxpayer dollars spent on dirty and dangerous fracking.

The latest revelations follow a report by The Australia Institute which showed nearly $100 million in NT taxpayer funds had already been spent propping up the fracking industry over the past decade.

“What an absolutely rubbish waste of public money,” Mr Robins said.

“Territorians are already sick of their taxpayer dollars being given away to gas companies.

“The revolving door between fossil fuel companies and our parliaments is now wide out in the open for all to see, and it’s dominating our Covid-19 economic recovery.

“What Territory voters want to see is a government that represents their interests, not the interests of the gas fracking industry.

“Our role is not to rescue the unstable and dying gas industry. If we want plentiful, clean and low price energy for Australian businesses, we can now look to solar, wind and pumped hydro.

“The sooner we stop wasting our cash on fracking for gas, the better.

“Farmers and Traditional Owners are fighting to protect water and health against these polluting and water-guzzling gas fracking companies. We cannot afford to sell out our regional communities for the benefit of a few gas-linked Government pals.

“The Morrison Government needs to have a serious rethink of their desperate gas industry-linked covid commissioners.”

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