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Push from NT Labor members to ditch dirty fracking subsidies welcomed

A grass roots call from Labor Party members at its Northern Territory conference at the weekend to end subsidies for fracking and to implement much stricter environmental and climate rules on the industry should be heeded by the Federal Albanese Government, says Lock the Gate Alliance.

Media has reported ALP members passed motions during the conference which ranged from stopping fracking entirely to an end to subsidising fracking projects. Other motions supported protecting groundwater and ensuring there would be no increase in greenhouse gas emissions from any fracking projects in the Territory.

Lock the Gate Alliance National Coordinator Carmel Flint said, “It’s heartening to see such strong grassroots support within Territory Labor for ending taxpayer-funded government subsidies for fracking in the NT.

“This confirms there’s powerful support for the Albanese Government to use the upcoming budget in October to slash the wasteful gas subsidies made by Scott Morrison.

“As Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen has said, the gas-fired recovery was a gas-fired fraud, and billions of dollars could be saved by slashing Morrison-era gas rorts.

“It’s abundantly clear from these motions passed at the Territory Labor Conference that party members see through the gas industry’s spin and recognise the threat fracking poses to water, communities, and climate.”’

Hannah Ekin from Arid Lands Environment Centre said, “NT Labor branch members have clearly voted against subsidies for polluting fracking ventures, and in favour of meaningful action on climate change and better environmental protections in the Territory.

“This sentiment from grass roots members was from branches across the Territory. It shows how concerned not just Labor members, but many Territorians, are about the terrifying prospect of industrial scale fracking in the NT.

“We sincerely hope Territory and Federal Labor MPs listen to this strong message from their party membership.”



  • Reputex analysis revealed that under a high development scenario, fracked gas from the NT’s Beetaloo Basin alone would generate 1.4 billion tonnes over 20 years - almost three times Australia’s annual emissions. 

  • recent legal review by the Environmental Defenders Office found despite claims to the contrary, the NT Fyles Government was nowhere near implementing the 135 recommendations from the Fracking Inquiry.

  • Between 2010 and 2020, the NT taxpayer subsidised the fracking industry’s activities in the Territory by $94 million, according to The Australia Institute.

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