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Qld election commitments kill off taxpayer funded Adani loan

Lock the Gate has responded to a report that Adani is seeking funding from Chinese state-owned enterprises, and welcomed One Nation’s commitment that it would veto the proposed $1 billion NAIF loan as a condition of forming government.

Steve Dickson said on the Alan Jones Show yesterday that vetoing the loan would “Absolutely, 100%” be a condition of forming government for One Nation. Listen here at 56:00

Phil Laird, National Coordinator of Lock the Gate, said:

"This Adani mine is a bad deal for farmers all round, who risk losing out on precious groundwater.

"Whether it's a NAIF loan or money from China, the Adani mine is a poor investment choice.

“Funds would be better spent supporting food production and clean energy.

“It’s good to hear the taxpayer funded loan may now be merely a fantasy of Resources Minister Matt Canavan and the Queensland Resources Council.  

“Queenslanders hate the idea of giving away taxpayer money to mining billionaire.

“The LNP should see the writing on the wall, listen to Queenslanders, and commit to vetoing the loan like One Nation, Labor and the Greens all have.  

“Adani's planned mine would deplete our precious groundwater and take money away from agriculture investment. Adani is a lose-lose for farmers.

“We need infrastructure funding in rural areas to support agriculture and communications, not for handouts to coal billionaires.

“The LNP is totally isolated and out of touch on this issue.

“Farmers need infrastructure dollars. We can't let any future Government rip off Australian farmers for a mining billionaire,” Mr Laird said.

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