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Qld Election: Real Big Tony Abbott joins community groups in Brisbane

While Queensland’s political leaders were debating inside the Convention Centre today, Clean Air Queensland delivered its election verdict outside giving the thumbs down to the major parties.

Clean Air Qld Campaigner Michael Kane was joined by the corruption-fighting Qld Sadies and the larger than life, Real Big Tony Abbott.

The Sadies scrubbed and dusted the three-metre tall ‘Mr Abbott’ but only time will tell if that political cleansing will be passed onto the LNP in Queensland.

CAQ’s Michael Kane condemned the LNP’s inaction on covering the nine million tonnes of uncovered coal that travelled in uncovered wagons through Toowoomba, Ipswich and 21 suburbs of Brisbane to the Brisbane port last year.

“Not only has the LNP refused to act on this crucial public health issue but it has broken a core election promise by approving the Acland coal mine on the Darling Downs which means even more millions of tonnes of uncovered coal will be heading our way this year,” he said.

Mr Kane said CAQ had scored the Newman government as “failed” for breaking promises, receiving huge donations from coal companies and ignoring the health of 40,000 children who attend school within one kilometre of the south-east Queensland coal corridor.

He said the ALP did not rate much better as it had only promised another review into coal pollution if it won government.

“It’s time for action, not more enquiries,” he said. “With more coal travelling through Brisbane, more people are being exposed to serious particulate pollution in their schools, homes and workplaces.”

CAQ and Lock the Gate will support minor parties - The Greens, Katter and PUP - and most independents who have fought for greater accountability and more democracy in Queensland.

On Saturday, volunteers will distribute score cards and flyers outside voting booths mainly along the coal corridor.


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