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Queensland ALP must learn from the LNP’s mistakes highlighted at Toowoomba Senate hearing today

The Senate hearings in Queensland are a wonderful opportunity for the new State Government to learn from past mistakes and avoid the LNP’s ‘coal and casinos’ approach to economic development.

Lock the Gate Alliance’s President, Drew Hutton said the Senate hearing in Toowoomba today would hear from landholders and communities “devastated by” inappropriate coal and coal seam gas developments or proposals.

“The State Government may have changed in Queensland but the injustices of the former LNP administration still need to be revealed for the sake of the farmers, landholders and communities that bear the brunt of unfair decisions.

“So many Queenslanders have been hurt by the previous LNP government that took away their democratic right to object to mines and trashed our foodlands and water supplies to make way for mining projects,” he said.

“The ALP must listen and learn from the evidence given at these hearings and right the wrongs done by the LNP.

“The previous powers of the Crime and Misconduct Commission must be restored to discourage dodgy dealings between politicians and big business.

“People power proved Queenslanders will not stand for lack of transparency and being treated like mugs. Lock the Gate will monitor the current government to make sure our new politicians stand up for the people over the monied and powerful.”

Individuals and groups to give evidence today include:

  • Dr Nicki Laws, Oakey Coal Action Alliance
  • Glenn Beutel, Acland resident
  • Michael Kane, Clean Air Queensland
  • Rosewood District Protection Organisation
  • Wildlife Preservation of Qld
  • Darling Downs’ farmers - The Benders, The Hills, The Dahlheimers, The Plants
  • Basin Sustainability Alliance
  • Social Justice advocates

WHAT: The Senate Select Committee into Certain Aspects of Qld Government Administration related to Commonwealth Govt Affairs

WHERE: Tabletop Room Picnic Point, 164 Tourist Drive, Toowoomba

WHEN: 9am to 5pm – Thursday, February 19

WHO:   See full list of witnesses here

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