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Queensland Government’s latest gas giveaway will harm communities

The announcement by the Queensland Government to grant yet another prospecting licence to CSG companies is a slap in the face for Western Downs landholders who are already struggling with depleted water bores due to the rampant expansion of the industry.

Community group Lock the Gate Alliance said the announcement was particularly galling given the recent release of the draft Underground Water Impact Report for the Surat Basin, which found more than 574 agricultural water bores would likely be drained if the CSG industry proceeded as planned.

The granting of the Authority to Prospects to the Santos/Shell joint venture and Bridgeport Energy also comes after a new Global Energy Monitor report revealed emissions from the global unconventional gas industry were likely to have an impact on global warming as large, or larger than, the growth in coal-fired power stations.

“The Palaszczuk Government is sacrificing quality farming land for this dirty industry,” said Carmel Flint, spokesperson for Lock the Gate Alliance. 

“It’s appalling that this is happening at a time when the Western Downs is drought declared, many farmers are facing water restrictions, and the government itself has just acknowledged that CSG is likely to drain 574 water bores.

“Farmers and communities have suffered enough thanks to CSG development in Queensland. Approving these permits will only lead to more damage to water, the environment, and wellbeing of residents.

“What’s more, the predicted royalties from the industry have failed to eventuate - in the 2014/15 budget when the first of Queensland’s LNG export facilities were opening up, Treasury estimated huge returns for Queensland over the forward estimates.

“However this year’s budget papers show that we have missed out on over $1.68 billion in anticipated royalties over the past four years*.

“The gas companies have well and truly hoodwinked the Queensland Government, and continue to do so at the expense of landholders, particularly on the Western Downs.

“The destructive gas giants are making losers out of Qld farmers.”

*Calculations for $1.68bn royalty shortfall over 4 years.






Total shortfall

Actual royalty take






2014/15 Budget projections






Annual shortfall






Values in $ million.


2014-15 Budget papers, see Appendix B for forecast petroleum royalties for 2017/18.  Actual petroleum royalty taken from budget papers from each subsequent year. See current budget papers for 2017-18 actual petroleum royalty.


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  • Adrian Hollis
    commented 2019-07-03 22:14:58 +1000
    Thete seems no rational dount that our whore political parties are as much the puppets of those behind blatant crime against humanity and indeed every whole value of common decency. With devastating poisons such as mercury and Aluminium being injected into babies and infants through vaccine fraud, the toxic canola fraud ant this poisoning of precious water supplies, a bloody military uprising seems the last desperate hope for wholesome, healthy society.