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Queenslanders will not be duped by LNP duplicity on power prices

The LNP’s claim that Queenslanders will save on power bills if the solar bonus scheme is removed is just an excuse to continue subsidising the fossil fuel industries.

Lock the Gate Alliance’s spokesman, Drew Hutton said the State Government’s “plan” was yet another thinly-veiled attempt to hood-wink Queenslanders.

“Queenslanders, like most Australians, love solar power and other renewable industries but the LNP is under the thumb of the mining industry here and is doing whatever it takes to placate its masters,” Mr Hutton said.

A research paper by The Australia Institute this year showed that, over a six-year period, the Queensland State Government spent $9.5 billion supporting the mineral and fossil fuel industries.

“The report shows Queensland’s level of subsidy to dirty industries is by far the largest of all Australian states,” he said. “Queensland’s expenditure on these industries in 2013-14 is similar to the amount to be spent on disability services and capital expenditure on hospitals.

“It’s just outrageous that this government will spend as much on supporting the mining industry as it does on supporting some of our most vulnerable citizens.”

In 2013-14 Queensland is planning on spending $1.5 billion on industry assistance, almost 60 per cent of what it will receive in royalties, the report showed.

“This government should represent the people and support their wish to promote renewables and stop looking for excuses to prop up dying and dirty industries,” he said.

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