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Royal Commission needed to investigate ‘whiff of corruption’ in Queensland

The Lock the Gate Alliance says a Royal Commission is needed to investigate the ‘whiff of corruption’ pervading the State Government’s links with the mining industry.

Lock the Gate’s national president, Drew Hutton says the Queensland government had ‘jumped into bed’ with mining executives and full disclosure was needed.

“The Newman government has a terrible whiff of corruption about it and the public deserves to know exactly what links it has with mining executives and other big business in Queensland,” Mr Hutton said.

“The ICAC enquiry in New South Wales is uncovering all manner of corrupt and unconscionable behaviour but I bet it’s got nothing on what’s happening here in Queensland.

“The link between QCoal’s, James Mackay and the LNP is just the tip of the iceberg and only a full investigation will shine a light on what’s really going on.”

Mr Hutton said it was “doubling worrying” that the LNP was trying to avoid scrutiny by watering down the powers of the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

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