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Stop Santos’ Narrabri Gas Plans!

To: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Minister for Climate change Chris Bowen, NSW Premier Chris Minns.

Coal seam gas (CSG) proposals put land, water and culture at risk, and have been rejected by local communities in north-west NSW, including Gomeroi Traditional Owners and farmers. CSG will turbocharge climate change and cause more droughts, floods and fires. 

We know the path forward for NSW isn’t more gas, but less. Victoria and the ACT both have plans to get off gas by electrifying industry and homes, but NSW does not. 

We can make dramatic reductions in gas demand in NSW by supporting households and businesses to switch to renewables which would reduce energy costs and help with the cost of living, perpetually. 

We don’t need the Narrabri Gas Project or the pipelines that go with it – all it will do is drive up energy bills and destroy our region.

Stop CSG projects planned for the Pilliga forest and our foodbowl on the Liverpool Plains, and associated pipeline infrastructure that will stretch across the Hunter and north-west NSW - harming land, water and culture.  

Support renewable alternatives that have community backing instead and develop a gas substitution roadmap and energy efficiency measures for households and businesses to ease cost of living pressures and deliver real action on climate change.

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