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Shadow Water Minister Martin Foley to visit Seaspray community

Several Seaspray community members will meet with Shadow Minister for Water Martin Foley today to discuss with him their concerns about further drilling for unconventional gas and oil in Seaspray.

The community have made several attempts to invite their local minister, Nationals Leader Mr Peter Ryan to Seaspray to discuss their concerns and these have so far fallen on deaf ears.

As mining company Lakes Oil moves ahead with plans to conduct risky horizontal drilling in the Seaspray community as early as March, residents have been left once again feeling let down and abandoned by their government. The community have called on the Energy Minister to reject this application but are yet to receive a response.

Locals are hoping their meeting with Mr Foley will allow them to explain their concerns and are calling on the ALP to commit to extending the moratorium to include all forms of exploration work including horizontal drilling if they are in government later this year.

This meeting will take place at 6.30pm in Seaspray on Tuesday 25th Feb, interviews with the shadow minister and locals can be arranged.

Please contact Ursula Alquier on 0499 991 324 or email [email protected] before 2.30pm.

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