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State Govt hides coal seam gas plans from prospective Sydney buyers

The NSW state government has reached new depths in its lack of responsibility in planning for coal seam gas development with state government developer, Landcom, neglecting to inform prospective buyers in south-west Sydney that AGL plans to drill coal seam gas wells in the area.

While AGL is now saying they will drill no closer than 200 metres from a home, their original planned minimum buffer, apparently with state government approval, was 20 metres.

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, said even city residents who couldn't care less about country residents having to put up with this sort of intrusion into their lives would now have to sit up and take notice.

"There are gas fields in Queensland where local residents are 200 metres away from drill rigs and their lives are hell," Mr Hutton said.

"Gas wells leak, sometimes to ignition concentrations, and, of course, in a city there are always ignition sources.

"Gas wells have also had blow-outs, as have gas pipelines and gas migrations have also endangered lives in Queensland.

"Drill rigs also work around the clock and with extremely bright lights, making it difficult for nearby residents to sleep.

"Even the tin-eared Queensland government has now promised to ban coal seam gas mining within 2 kilometres of a town of 1,000 residents or more.

"Clearly, the state government must now acknowledge the woeful lack of planning that surrounds this industry and announce an immediate moratorium on all development until the full social and environmental impacts are properly assessed," Mr Hutton said.

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