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Sign Up Your Group

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Lock the Gate Supporter Group.

Our local groups are the grassroots engines of the campaign and a crucial part of the national Lock the Gate Alliance. It is essential that our alliance continues to grow and remains strong so we can continue to work together to protect our land, water and future.

Lock the Gate can provide help to our Supporter Groups in the form of:

  • Films/videos for raising community awareness
  • Campaign materials, fact and tip sheets, leaflets and templates
  • Strong networks of skilled campaigners, and well-informed speakers for rallies and events
  • Grants of up to $2000 for relevant projects by local groups, via our Julie Devine Small Grants Program
  • Community capacity building and strategy development
  • Carefully researched information on legal and scientific aspects of coal and gas projects, and help with submission writing
  • Opportunities for rural and regional communities, First Nations people and urban residents to learn from each other and work together¬†
  • Listing of your group on our website.¬†

Important Note To sign up your Supporter Group, your group will need a unique email address, different from your personal email. If you need help setting this up, please contact [email protected].¬†

We encourage Supporter Groups to self organise, bear their own unique name and adhere to non-violence. The name "Lock the Gate" is IP protected for the use of the National Alliance only.