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Territorians give thumbs up to Middle Arm inquiry, middle finger to fracking

Territorians opposed to fracking say today's announcement of a Senate Inquiry into the Middle Arm petrochemical and gas processing precinct is a step in the right direction.

Groups are now calling on the Albanese Government to rule out $1.5 billion in public funding for the facility.

Katherine veterinarian and Protect Big Rivers spokesperson Dr Samantha Phelan said, “Middle Arm is the enabler of Beetaloo Basin fracking and the controversial offshore Barossa Project. The previous Morrison Government’s promise of $1.5 billion to support Middle Arm has always been viewed as a fossil fuel subsidy both by Territorians and the gas industry. ” 

“It's wonderful the Albanese government is beginning to see the light on the catastrophic climate and health consequences that both fracking the Beetaloo and Middle Arm would bring to our region. We are so vulnerable to climate change here. Opening new fossil fuel fields, particularly those the size of Beetaloo, in this day and age is pure negligence.

“Locals are celebrating this inquiry as another nail in the coffin for new gas developments in the NT."

Frack Free NT spokesperson and Parents for Climate Action member Phil Scott said, “Research released just this week shows fracking not only poses serious threats to human health via its contribution to dangerous climate change, but also directly to communities living near fracking sites.

“There is now a sizable body of evidence to demonstrate how living downstream or downwind of a fracking project can lead to detrimental health effects, such as cancer, birth defects, asthma, and cardiovascular disease.

“The Albanese Labor Government ought to be congratulated for seeing reason and supporting this inquiry.

“Unfortunately our own Territory Government continues to peddle lies, singing from the same songbook as the fracking companies. But these politicians are unable to explain how gas industry profits justify the truly horrible risks to the health of Territorians, and particularly to the health of our children. It’s about time the Fyles Government took note of the independent scientific research and realised the threat fracking poses to communities in the Territory.”


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