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Turnbull Government should fix gas export mess instead of attacking farmers

Lock the Gate Alliance says the Turnbull Government’s attacks on state gas regulations are a cowardly attempt to distract on its own inaction at the expense of farmers standing up for their land and water.

“Despite all its talk about limiting gas exports, the Turnbull Government still hasn’t acted to stop the big gas companies from sending most of their gas offshore and overcharging Australian customers,” said Naomi Hogan of the Lock the Gate Alliance. 

“State gas regulations are in place because farmers across the country have been forced to stand up and protect their livelihoods and the food they produce for us all.

“Instead of attacking farmers, the Turnbull Government should be cracking down on the big companies, which are ripping off domestic customers by funneling our gas overseas.

“Australian East Coast gas prices have tripled in recent years since the three major gas export terminals came online in Gladstone with unrestricted gas exports.

“Today’s information shows gas companies are exporting five times more gas offshore from Queensland LNG terminals than we use domestically in the East Coast gas market. The damaging coal seam gas experiment in Queensland has not only driven up gas and power prices, but it has done serious and lasting damage to water resources and rural communities.

“The Federal Government and gas companies could take simple, urgent action to bring down prices tomorrow, and yet they are using Australian food growers and local communities as a scapegoat for their failed gas export experiment,” Naomi Hogan said.

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