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Turnbull Government’s latest mining handout rewards rogue gas companies and hurts farmers

Lock the Gate says the Turnbull Government’s $26 million Gas Acceleration Program, announced today, is a taxpayer funded handout to gas companies that have been doing the wrong thing by Australian businesses.

“The Turnbull Government is now offering taxpayer funded handouts to big gas companies that export most of their gas,” Lock the Gate’s Naomi Hogan said.

“Minister Canavan is seeking to throw millions of taxpayers' money at the very gas companies that are exporting the lion's share of our gas overseas and have caused our gas and electricity bills to rise.

“Onshore unconventional gas is risky and expensive, and now our Federal Government has to throw taxpayers' money at reluctant companies to get it going.

“Too many Australian farms are being drilled, threatening land and water, all so the gas can be exported off overseas, and the Turnbull Government is giving gas companies a handout to do more damage.

“We’d have enough gas for Australian businesses without having to frack more land, if we stopped exporting so much of it.

“Paying gas companies is not the answer - we can meet our energy needs without sacrificing agriculture by getting gas exports under control and by developing renewable energy with storage,” Ms Hogan said.

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